We provide a range of furnace repair and installation services in and around New York.

We understand that a furnace plays a vital role in the comfort a home provides. After all, no one wants to spend a harsh winter New York night without effective heating. If your furnace does not work as it should, or if you feel it is time to upgrade, you may well benefit by calling With Pride HVAC. Not only will we fix the problem, we will also offer complete peace of mind.

Do You Need a New Furnace?

Our experts are highly trained and proficient when it comes to repairing furnaces that do not work properly. However, there are instances when we feel that a replacement might be the order of the day. Here are signs that indicate your furnace can do with an upgrade:

  • It is more than 15 years old and is not very energy efficient
  • It requires periodical repairs
  • It does not provide adequate heating
  • The pilot light does not come on at all
  • It emanates a strange smell when running
  • It makes loud clanking, grinding, or banging sounds (indicative of a faulty motor or fan)
  • It has stopped working completely

How We Can Help

With Pride HVAC does not just sell and install furnaces in and around New York, we also make sure that your unit keeps working at its optimum level through ongoing maintenance. This is what you can expect when working with our specialists:

  • Top quality installation using the latest tools of the trade
  • Meeting all relevant local codes
  • Running a thorough check before leaving
  • No mess to clean after we leave

If your furnace needs repairs, or if you need a new furnace installed in or around New York, call With Pride HVAC now. Rest assured, we will listen to your needs first and offer solutions accordingly.

Our HappyCustomers

With Pride HVAC provided us with great pricing for our new furnace, after our old one started having too many break-downs.

Albert Freedman Great Neck, NY

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