A/C Repair & Replacement

We provide A/C Repair & Replacement Services to Residents In and Around New York.

It’s a hot summer afternoon in New York and your air conditioner suddenly stops working. What do you do? An easy solution is to give With Pride HVAC a call and let our experts do the needful. With more than enough experience, they have seen and fixed it all.

Some Commonly Reported Problems

Some of the common air conditioning problems people call us with include, but do not limit to:

  • No cool air exits the supply registers
  • The unit does not power up
  • The unit powers up, but the fan does not move
  • The fan works, but the compressor does not
  • Water collects around the air conditioning unit
  • Vibrations or other noises emanate from the air conditioner

Detecting Underlying Problems

Our experts inspect your air conditioning unit to determine the problem at hand. The top reasons behind a faulty air conditioner include:

  • A tripped breaker or faulty wiring resulting in no power reaching the air conditioner
  • A worn out fan belt that requires replacement
  • A frozen evaporator coil
  • A defective fan motor
  • A clogged condensate drain
  • Leaking refrigerant

Repair or Replace

We look at three basic factors when recommending a replacement:

  • Troublesome air conditioning units that are over 10 years old may well do with replacement.
  • Will investing in a new air conditioning system offer better value for money in the long run when compared to ongoing repair costs?
  • Will a more efficient unit lead to noticeable savings in energy bills?

No matter whether your air conditioner needs repair or replacement, you can trust the experts at With Pride HVAC to do a great job. While we are highly proficient in what we do, we also take pride in delivering high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our HappyCustomers

Thank you With Pride for making our central air conditioning replacement a piece of cake. We definitely trusted the right company for the job.

Lisa Bennet Bellmore, NY

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