Ductless Mini Split Installation

We offer reliable and cost effective ductless mini spilt installation services in and around New York.

Ductless mini spilt air conditioning systems can work rather well in different kinds of residential settings. Opting to go this way makes particular sense if your existing home does not have ductwork and you do not want to be burdened with setting up a new layout. If you are looking for ductless mini spilt installation services in or around New York, With Pride HVAC can help.

Why Go Ductless?

In our experience, we have seen that getting a ductless mini spilt air conditioning system makes sense in different scenarios, such as:

  • A home is not designed for ductwork
  • A newly constructed room is not linked to the HVAC system
  • An enclosed patio or deck requires cooling
  • A computer room or an overly hot room requires added cooling

Advantages of a Ductless Mini Spilt Air Conditioner

Ductless mini spilt air conditioning systems provide residents of New York with various benefits.

  • Compact
  • Flexibility in placement of indoor units
  • Multiple indoor units may be connected to a single outdoor unit
  • Individual thermostats for different areas
  • Easy installation
  • Minimize energy loss linked with ductwork-based central air conditioning systems
  • Typically remote controlled

Are There Any Drawbacks?

There are a few disadvantages that come with ductless mini spilt air conditioning systems, which include:

  • Running costs more when compared to window and central air conditioners
  • Incorrectly located or oversized indoor units may result in energy loss and inadequate humidity or temperature control
  • Outdoor unit’s condensate requires a drain

Finding a qualified ductless mini spilt air conditioning system installer might not be easy because most conventional HVAC contractors invest considerably toward working with duct-based systems. As a result, they might recommended ductless units only when ducted systems are near impossible to install.

If you need the services of trained and qualified expert technicians who can help you with installing a ductless air conditioning unit in or around New York, get in touch with us now.

Our HappyCustomers

It was pretty easy dealing with With Pride when selecting a ductless mini split system for our newly renovated basement. Now our family can fully enjoy it all year long.

John & Caroline Matthews Roslyn, NY

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