Radiant Heating

With Pride HVAC provides various radiant heating solutions for residents who live in and around New York.

Radiant heating systems get their names because they deliver heat through radiation. While a forced-heating system tends to heat a room up quickly, increase in room temperature is more gradual with a radiant heating system. However, radiant heating systems come with a number of benefits. If you have any radiant heating requirement in or around New York, we can definitely help.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

While there are different types of radiant heating systems for residential setups, they tend to work on the same principle, while offering similar benefits. This is what you can expect if you go the radiant heating way:

  • Energy efficient and cost effective
  • Silent operation
  • Durability and longevity
  • Clean heat with no risk of allergens
  • Easy maintenance
  • Works with all types of floors
  • No hot radiators to worry about
  • Individualized temperature control

Choices on Offer

When you are looking for a radiant heating system, you will come across three basic alternatives.

  • Old fashioned radiators.Some older houses still rely on upright bulky radiators. Since these systems depend on steam instead of hot water, they are not as efficient as newer compact wall-mounted radiators or hydronic baseboard radiators.
  • Hot water baseboard heating.This remains the most commonly found in homes across the country. A boiler supplies hot water through pipes in baseboard radiators, and the cooled baseboard water makes it back to the boiler. The design of the pipes promotes heat transfer by radiation and convection.
  • Radiant floor heating.Radiant heating systems rely on thermal mass to store and radiate heat. In the case of hydronic radiant floor heating, networks of plastic pipes facilitate the circulation of warm water. Electric radiant floor heating, on the other hand, relies on heating cable that is installed beneath the flooring.

No matter what kind of radiant heating services you need in or around New York, you can trust our experts to deliver on all counts. To start the process, simply give us a call.

Our HappyCustomers

It was a hard decision what type of heating system was best for our remodeled home. With Pride made things a little easier and hit the nail on the head with our radiant floor heating. This is by far the best heating system I never imagined.

David Cohen NY, NY

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