High Efficient Boilers

Whether you need to repair, retrofit, or install a high efficiency boiler, With Pride HVAC can help.

Several homes in and around New York depend on boilers to keep the indoors warm during winters. By heating water, a boiler uses hot water or steam running through pipes to heat indoor spaces. While steam boilers were previously less efficient than their hot water counterparts, you can now find high efficiency boilers of all kinds.

With Pride HVAC provides an array of high efficiency boiler services, which include repairs, retrofitting, and installation of new units.

Why is Energy Rating Important?

A boiler’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) gives you a clear indication of the efficiency of any given unit. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, all new boilers should display their AFUE for the benefit of consumers.

If a boiler comes with an AFUE of 93%, what this basically means is that it uses 93% of the fuel’s energy in heating the home, whereas 7% is lost through the chimney or in some other way. Incidentally, the AFUE does not account for loss of heat in the piping or duct system, which may be up to 30% in some cases.

Why Opt For High Efficiency Boilers?

A typical high efficiency boiler depends on sealed combustion. In addition, condensing of fluid gases in a second heat exchanger works in increasing the unit’s efficiency. While a high efficiency boiler can come with an AFUE of 90% to 98.5%, mid-efficiency boilers typically offer 80% to 85% AFUE. If you use an old low efficiency model, you probably get in between 55% to 70% AFUE.

Retrofit or Replace

It is important to compare the long-term cost of retrofitting with installing a new high efficiency boiler. While a boiler can be retrofitted for increased efficiency, opting for a new high efficiency model gives you the ability to make use of the most energy efficient technologies at hand.

If you are not sure about your high efficiency boiler requirements, or if you wish to install a new unit, simply speak to one of our representatives now. We provide extremely dependable high efficiency boiler services in and around New York.

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After hurricane Sandy we had many obstacles to overcome, but With Pride helped us with our heating system. We upgraded to a tankless combi-boiler and never looked back. I would recommend With Pride to anyone looking to have HVAC work done at home.

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